24/08/2019 added Bo Diddley to Music.

09/08/2019 Henri Vieuxtemps and Peter Bnoit switched their seats.

06/08/2019 added Claude McKay, Jean Toomer and Eric D. Walrond to Literature.

04/08/2019 added Edward Coke, Albert VII and Isabella Clara Eugenia, &c. to Politics. 

27/07/2019 added Rex Ingram, Louis J. Gasnier &c. to Cinema.

24/07/2019 addition and correction concerning Mannerism and the Bolognese School.

30/06/2019  addition and correction concerning high-ranking Nazi officers and recent popes, and excluded Gandhi.

29/05/2019 now Thomas Paine was an angel.

28/05/2019 added some British sailors.

06/05/2019 now Locke is a demon again, though Hobbes remains an angel. 

14/02/19 the names of Reinhold Niebuhr, Norman Vincent Peale and Billy Graham are removed in order to prevent the list from giving the impression of being a joke.

11/01/2019 further revision to Science

17/11/2018 a few more Spanish names added

03/11/2018 added Samuel Pepys and Laurence Sterne to Literature and Mike Mansfield to Politics.

1/11/2018 added Charles XII and Gustav III of Sweden.

31/10/2018 added Gandhi.

24/10/2018 Fellini and Antonioni switched their seats. 

14/10/2018 a little more revision to American politics. 

23/09/2018 the revision is done.

30/06/2018 a few serious errors have been found. The list is under revision. 

02/06/2018 Deleuze was an angel, Derrida a demon.

31/05/2018 added the unholy trinity of Frankfurt school.

21/05/2018 made a hidden page

01/05/2018 added LBJ, JFK, Hirohito &c. to Politics. Whosoever assassinates me for this will go to hell.

27/04/2018 added Justinian I, Guy Fawkes &c. to Politics and corrected minor spelling mistakes

A: Euclid
D: Pytahgoras
G: Archimedes 

A: Archimedes
D: Pytahgoras
G: Euclid

17/04/2018 large revision to British philosophy

16/04/2018 following the death of Billy Graham, added Reinhold Niebuhr, Norman Vincent Peale and Billy Graham to Philosophy

22/03/2018 replaced Vernon Watkins by R. S. Thomas

17/03/2018 added Piet Mongorian, Bart van der Leck and Theo van Doesburg to Art

07/03/2018 corrected spell mistakes

19/02/2018 removed titles from some writers

18/02/2018 corrected a spelling error:
Angeli: Ioannes et Sophie Scholl

Angeli: Ioannes et Sophia Scholl

A: Thomas Carlyle
D: John Stuart Mill
G: Herbert Spencer

A: Thomas Carlyle
D: Herbert Spencer
G: John Stuart Mill

A: Henry Sidgwick
D: James Mill
G: Jeremy Bentham

A: Henry Sidgwick
D: Jeremy Bentham
G: James Mill